Ten Panel and Twelve Panel Drug Testing Kits at the Workplace

Twelve Panel Drug Testing Kits

Now-a-days, Drug testing in Twelve Panel Drug Testing Kits at the Workplace has become very common. It has become mandatory to look at the employees in order to make sure of a drug free environment at workplace. Approximately 12.9 million employees aged 18 or older are full time or part time employees, according to NSDUH (National Survey on Drug Use and Health) 2009.

Common drugs of abuse

There are many illicit drugs of abuse.

• Cocaine (COC) Conducted by many employers to detect the drug abusers, it has become necessary to conduct testing in the organizations as soon as they enter the company. Reason, many men and women are getting addicted to drugs after employment due to stress related problems or personal difficulties. Therefore, post employment drug testing methods should be accommodated at workplace to detect the drug abusers.

Post employment drug testing includes Random drug testing, individual suspicion testing, post accident testing etc.. The 10 and 12 Panel Drug Testing Kits are best for post employment dr. testing and therefore are an all-in-one test for the most common drugs of abuse.

A 10 or 12 P.D.T kit will be able to discover any 10 of the aforementioned drugs. The 12 panel dr. test kit will discover all the above mentioned 12 drugs. These kits discover the drug metabolites in urine.

Advantages of using 10 or 12 panel test kits at workplace

Utilizing 10 or 12 P.D.T kits is simple, convenient, accurate and gives instant results. These kits can also detect combination of medication. Another Significant advantages of 10 panel drug test or 12 panel kits comprise:

Cost effective

As Other evaluation panel kits don’t have much efficacy of discovering as many medications as 10 to 12 in one sample, additional money must make investments. Whereas, the 10 and 12 panel drug test kits have the efficiency of discovering 10 to 12 medication at a time, based on the panel. Therefore, they are less costly and more effective.

Assess for multiple drug evaluations

The 10 and 12 panel drug testing kits are somewhat more effective in discovering 10 to 12 medications using a single sample. One can detect the metabolites of different drugs like Cocaine, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Tetrahydrocannabinol, Methadone, Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, Opiates, Oxycodone, Propoxyphene, Phencyclidine, Barbiturate, Benzodiazepine in urine.

These drug testing kits’ Cutoff standards are put to the cutoff level criteria of SAMHSA. These kits give 95 to 98 percent accurate results of evaluations. They supply detailed testing for a wide variety of drugs at a time.

Fastest way to detect drug abuse

All these They provide immediate results, often within minutes after conducting the test. These test kits deliver preliminary results of drug misuse.
Testing kits deliver preliminary analytical results. One can also go for The laboratory studies for additional confirmation of the results. Regular Post-employment testing is likely to make the workplace a drug free environment.